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Rear suspension washersRear suspension washers
Set of 8 rear suspension washers.  Suitable for Ducati narrowcase and widecase singles. Now only available in stai…
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35mm x 1.5mm Fork Plugs35mm x 1.5mm Fork Plugs
1 of 35 x 1.5mm Fork top plugs. Suitable for Ducati wide case models with 35mm Marzocchi forks including 239/250/35…
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Rubber dustcapsRubber dustcaps
 Rubber dust caps.  Suitable Ducati wide case models with  35mm Marzocchi forks.…
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31.5mm fork kit31.5mm fork kit
31.5 mm fork kit.  Consisting of two springs, two seating washers, two main spring seating washers (not shown in ph…
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Rear Suspension Shroud cupsRear Suspension Shroud cups
1 set of rear shock absorber cups to adapt standard Marzzochi units to accept rubber dust covers . As used on Ducati Ser…
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Rear suspension adjuster cupsRear suspension adjuster cups
1pair of rear suspension adjuster cups. Used in conjunction with our preload adjuster springs on all Marzzochi type rear…
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W/C Rear Shock SpringsW/C Rear Shock Springs
One pair of progressive rate rear suspension shock absorber springs suitable for Ducati 250/350/450 Scramblers and Mark …
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Fork springs 31.5mmFork springs 31.5mm
One pair of fork springs for 31.5 mm forks.  Suitable for Ducati 175 Sport, 200 Elite, 250 Monza, 250 Mach 1. 250 M…
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