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Aluminium petrol capAluminium petrol cap
Aluminium petrol cap.  Suitable for Ducati 175, 200 Elite, F3.  Now has AGIP and lettering embossed aroun…
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Black aluminium petrol capBlack aluminium petrol cap
Replacement petrol cap. Made from aluminium and therefore much stronger and  longer lasting than plastic/bakelite.&…
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Rear No Plate BracketRear No Plate Bracket
Black CEV Rear licence Plate Bracket. Suitable for Ducati widecase models 239/250/350/450 Mark3, Desmo, Silver Shotgun a…
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Desmo Fibreglass Side PanelsDesmo Fibreglass Side Panels
Desmo fibreglass replica side panels.  Made in Italy.  Suitable for Ducati wide case Desmo models including 25…
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SCR Air Box CoverSCR Air Box Cover
Air Filter Box Cover. Pre finished in black only suitable for Ducati Series 1 250/350/450 Scrambler.…
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Rear license plate holderRear license plate holder
Rear license plate holder suitable for Ducati 125, 175, 200 Elite.  Made in Italy.…
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Desmo MK3 fuel tank capDesmo MK3 fuel tank cap
Desmo MK3 replica fuel tank filler cap in polished stainless steel.  Suitable for all Ducati  239-45…
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Replica Fuel Filler CapReplica Fuel Filler Cap
Replica fuel filler cap - made in Italy.  Suitable for Ducati narrow case models including 125 Sport, 160 Monza Jun…
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