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Clutch arm pivot pinClutch arm pivot pin
Clutch arm pivot pin. Suitable for Ducati wide case engines 239-450, comes with roll pin locator…
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Pillar boltPillar bolt
Single pillar bolt. Suitable for early Ducati narrow case models with single pillar bolt points covers. …
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350 Aluminium cylinder base gasket 1mm350 Aluminium cylinder base gasket 1mm
1mm Thick Aluminium Cylinder Base Spacer/Gasket. Suitable for Ducati 350 engines only.  …
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Oil union washersOil union washers
Set of 6 oil union washers. Suitable for all Ducati singles engines 100-450.  Prevents against oil leaks fr…
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Breather hose nozzleBreather hose nozzle
Breather pipe nozzle as original. Fitted to Ducati narrow and wide case models including 100/125/160/200/239/250…
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Adjustable rocker screwAdjustable rocker screw
8mm Rocker Adjusting Screw. …
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Points wire gland nutPoints wire gland nut
Points Wire Gland Nut. Suitable for all Ducati narrow and wide case models, including 125/160/175/239/250/350/45…
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Dipstick TubeDipstick Tube
Oil dipstick extension tube. Suitable for Ducati narrow and wide case models, including 125/160/200/239/250/350/…
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