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Clutch cable adjusting screwClutch cable adjusting screw
Clutch cable adjusting screw. Suitable for wide case models  239-450.  Desmo, SCR, Mark 3, Silver shotgun etc.…
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Handlebar GripsHandlebar Grips
Replica grips for Ducati narrow case models. Suitable for 125 sport, 175 sport, 200 Elite, 250 Mach1, 250 Monza and 350 …
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Ducati logo handle bar gripsDucati logo handle bar grips
Handle bar grips with Ducati logo. Suitable for any standard handle bars and throttle.…
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SCR front brake cableSCR front brake cable
Front brake cable. Suitable for Ducati series 1 scrambler models 250/350/450 with 180mm single sided brake drum. Comes c…
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Cable adjuster knobCable adjuster knob
Brake and clutch adjusting knob. Suitable for wide case bikes with Verlicchi handle bar controls. Silver shotgun, Desmo,…
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Desmo clutch cableDesmo clutch cable
Clutch cable. Suitable for all Ducati Desmo, Silver Shotgun and Mark 3 models with clipon handle bars. including 239/250…
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Scrambler clutch cableScrambler clutch cable
Clutch cable. Suitable for Ducati W/Case Scrambler series 1&2 and Mark 3 models with high rise handle bars.Incl…
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Rev Counter Cable N/C W/CRev Counter Cable N/C W/C
Rev counter cable. Suitable for Ducati narrow and wide case models with Veglia or CEV rev counter and gear drive. Iinclu…
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