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Ducati FAQ's

Q.  How much will my restoration cost?

A.  This will depend entirely upon how original you want your bike to be and what quality of finish.  It will also depend upon what parts you already have and what will need to be sourced. 

Q.  Do you have the correct colour codes?

A.  Extensive research has shown that there are no colour codes available.  However, the colours that we use have been recognised as being as close to the original as possible.

Q.  Have you got a parts/price list?

A.  The website contains our most up to date prices. 

Q.  Do you have parts for/restore Twins?

A.  Classic Ducati specialises in Ducati singles.  For parts and information on Twins please contact or email or phone 08456809005

Q.  Where do you ship to?

A.  We ship all over the world.  Postage and packing prices are based on Royal Mail's current charges.  Large or irregularly shaped packages will be sent by Fedex.  Where this is the case, you may see "CALL" in the item's description.  This helps us to calculate the accurate shipping cost for your order.

Q.  Why do I see "CALL" against some items?

A.  This can be for one of three reasons:-

  • The item is in very low stock and we advise you to call before placing an order
  • The item is sourced and sold only to order and we advise you to contact us for further information
  • The item would be shipped by Fedex rather than Royal Mail and we advise you to contact us so that we can obtain the most economical shipping rate.

Q.  Some of your parts seem very cheap.  How can I be sure that they are of good quality?

A.  Classic Ducati strives to supply only excellent quality parts.  We understand that our reputation depends upon the quality of the goods that we supply and our service to customers.   Classic Ducati have worked hard to source and supply quality parts at economical prices.  Having spent years restoring bikes we have a complete understanding of how hard it is to find parts and how painful  it can be to fund the costs (!).  Therefore, we prefer to pass on as much of the savings as we can to our customers.  We try to be as fair as we can be on price so that the Ducati community can continue to restore these beautiful machines.

Q.  Is VAT added to the price of the parts/motorcycles?

A.  No!  The price you see is the price you pay (plus p&p)

Q.  If I register on the website, what details do you keep, and why?

A.  Classic Ducati only keeps the contact details that you enter - name, address, telephone number and email address.  This information is kept in the strictest of confidence according to the Data Protection Act.  It is only ever used in relation to your orders or queries with Classic Ducati.  It is never passed on to anyone else.  We have no access to any financial information that you input to make an order.

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