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Wide case rear suspension spacer washerWide case rear suspension spacer washer
A set of rear suspension washers for Ducati wide case models.  Original part n umber 0170.59.070…
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N/C damper plateN/C damper plate
Lower threaded damper plate, suitable for narrow case models with 7mm threaded damper rod.…
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Locking washersLocking washers
A set of 4 locating washers. Fitted to Ducati narrowcase models under the chrome plated cup washers (see our product und…
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Ceriani steering stem locking washer/nutCeriani steering stem locking washer/nut
Head stock locking washer/nut.  Suitable for Ducati wide case models with Ceriani forks.  25mm thread.…
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Suspension rubber clipSuspension rubber clip
1 pair of  chrome plated front or rear suspension rubber gaiter/dust guard clips. Suitable for Ducati wide case mod…
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Hexagonal steering limiterHexagonal steering limiter
Hexagonal steering limiter for Ducati Scrambler models (Series 2).…
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N/C Anchor plateN/C Anchor plate
Narrow case steering damper anchor plate. Suitable for all Ducati narrowcase models. Including 125/160/175/200/250/350 S…
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SCR shock gaiter spacerSCR shock gaiter spacer
35mm Fork spacer  Fits between rubber gaiter and fork leg. Suitable for Ducati Widecase Scrambler Series 1 250.350,…
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