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SCR Folding footrest boltSCR Folding footrest bolt
Folding footrest bolt, nut & washer. Suitable for Ducati Scrambler models 250/350/450 with folding footrest…
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Swing arm pinch boltsSwing arm pinch bolts
Swing Arm Pin Pinch Bolts. Suitable for all Ducati wide case models, 250/350/450/Desmo.…
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Footrest boltFootrest bolt
Footrest bolt.  Suitable for Ducati wide case models with forward mounted footrests including 250-450 Series 1,…
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W/C Centre stand support pinW/C Centre stand support pin
Centre stand support pin. Suitable for all Ducati wide case models.…
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Engine plates N/C Stainless steelEngine plates N/C Stainless steel
Engine Plates, stainless steel. Suitable for all Ducati narrow case models, including 125/160/175/200/250/350. Sport…
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Engine plates N/CEngine plates N/C
Engine plates, made in mild steel as original. Suitable for Ducati narrow case models including 125,160,175, 20…
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Engine plates W/CEngine plates W/C
Engine Plates made in mild steel as original. Suitable for Ducati wide case models 250, 350, 450. Bare …
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Brake light switch bracketBrake light switch bracket
Brake Light Switch Bracket. One of the parts usually missing and difficult to find from basket case restoration …
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