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Desmo seat trimDesmo seat trim
Aluminium seat trim.  Suitable for Ducati wide case Series 3 (yellow Desmo) Mark3 Desmo models 250-450. Length…
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RT seat trimRT seat trim
RT seat trim in aluminium with fixing screws.  Suitable for Ducati RT and Regolarita.…
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Desmo Seat base frameDesmo Seat base frame
Wide case seat base frame. Black finished steal w/c seat base frame suitable for Ducati Desmo and Silver Shotgun (Series…
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Desmo seat coverDesmo seat cover
Desmo seat cover.   Seat cover only suitable for all Ducati yellow Desmo models 250-450 1973/74…
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Series1 Scrambler seatSeries1 Scrambler seat
Ducati scrambler seat perfect reproduction of Series 1 wide case seat. Suitable for 250/350/450. Customers with Spanis…
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Series 2 Scrambler seat.Series 2 Scrambler seat.
Series 2 1972-73 Scrambler seat. This seat has a pleated finish and is suitable for all 250-450 Series 2 wide case scram…
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Elite seatElite seat
Reproduction Elite seat by one of Italy's oldest seat manufacturers. These seats have been tried and tested on our o…
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Mach 1 seatMach 1 seat
Quality Replica Ducati Mach 1 Seat - Made by one of Italy's oldest seat manufacturers. …
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